Mann, having adapted to different biomes of Elyria, differ vastly in lore, religion, skills, and appearance. Forming "Tribes of Mann" the people of Elyria do not generally live or cooperate with their own specific Tribe. The Kingdom of Vornair is a shining example of this as it is a melting pot of all the Tribes of Mann.

Before the Neran, Kypiq, Hrothi, or Brudvir, there were what scholars refer to as the "Proto-Neran". It's believed that the aforementioned, current-day tribes are all descendants from this pre-historic race of Mann. It is unknown how their distinct evolutions began, what happened to the Proto-Neran to lead to the splitting of the tribe, or whether the Proto-Neran - in their original form - exist anywhere today.

A list of the known Tribes of Mann:

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