History Edit

The Town of Springwallow was founded by Clan Younghawk, a clan known for its skilled craftsmanship and providing food to neighboring towns if needed. They hold respect and honor high on their list, and do not take it lightly. They are skilled hunters, and while not formally trained in the art of war, they can hold their own.

Government Edit

Executive, Legislative, & Judicial Edit

Freyr: Levi Younghawk

Conciliator: VACANT

Conciliator:  VACANT

Conciliator:  VACANT

Cabinet Edit

Constable of the Guard: VACANT

Constable of the Militia: VACANT

Treasurer: VACANT

Vizier of Religion: VACANT

Vizier of the Market: VACANT

Vizier of Internal Affairs: VACANT

Vizier of Foreign Affairs: VACANT

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