History: Edit

The Skybourne clan is a Major Clan of the Kingdom of Vornair that has existed for many generations. They are a proud and honorable clan. As legend is told the Skybourne were born at the peaks of the highest of mountains in all of Elyria. It was told that they lived at the peaks until the mountains became volcanic and it was no longer possible for the clan to survive there. Through the generations, they became explorers, merchants, and builders. The clan is peaceful by nature however is known to be fierce and deadly when faced with danger and combat.

The first Skybourne, Ultarh, was said to stand 10 stones high and his voice could be heard from mountain top to mountain top. Some even say they could see him soar like an eagle from one icy ridge to the next. But not many believe those stories told. One thing is for sure is that he was the first Skybourne born at the top of the mountains and was proud man who stood for right and liked all that he became friends with.

The clans title was earned as it settled in the Conclave establishing the Breitenbaine County, however they never saw themselves as being above their common Elyrian. They believe all are equal in the eyes of Angelica.

Lineage: Edit

The Skybourne clan typically are light haired with a fair skin tone that if not careful to get some sunlight can become almost as white as the snow. Additionally, they typically have dawn blue and gray eyes.

The Skybourne crest dons the main colors of white and blue representing the sky and the clouds above. The double headed eagle is revered by the clan as the spirit of Ultarh and thus he is forever with them. They descendants of Ultarh took on the clan motto “Utentes Animo” or “Soaring High with Courage”.

Current: Edit

The head of the clan, Count Bieito Skybourne, is said to be a direct descendant of Ultarh. As it is believed in the family, those that are the heads of the clan poses the spirit of Ultarh himself. Bieito leads the house exploring and mapping the lands meanwhile taking on major building projects as the High Elder of Infrastructure for The Conclave of Aritaur. He is married to the lovely Countess Artica Skybourne (former of the Von Gulick clan) a skilled seamstress and a beauty to behold, when the time allows Bieito helps with her shop in trading in specialty goods.

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