History Edit

The Jorlene clan has been around for hundreds of years; it was founded by Lady Cecile Jorlene. During a cold, bitter winter Lady Cecile and a group of gatherers stumbled upon a river. Even though it was the dead of winter, the river continued to flow as if it were the height of summer. Lady Cecile and the other gatherers decided to stay the rest of the season. When winter passed, the land proved to be fertile for crops and grain to flourish.

Being the head of the gatherers, Lady Cecile was the person who suggested that they settle down and begin building a town. After adequate housing was built for everyone, the first order of business was to build a waterwheel to process the grain. Some say that the waterwheel that stands today is the same that was built during Lady Cecile's time, but no one is for certain.

72 years before current day, the Jorlene family decided it would be in the Winterbrook townspeople’s best interest to move to a larger piece of land and build a capital. Druantia holds everything that a person could desire; great food, heartwarming townspeople, academies of all types, as well as other attractions. The Countess and her family reside in a manor in the capital.

Lineage Edit

Those of the Jorlene clan tend to have fair skin awash with freckles, bright green eyes and many different shades of red hair.

The Jorlene clan is a Matriarchy, which means that only the women rule, and the men that marry into the Jorlene house take the Matriarch's last name.

Lady Zephrine Jorlene is a direct descendant of Lady Cecile Jorlene. Lady Zephrine's mother died when she was a young girl, so she has always been pressured by her father to grow up and quickly take over the Matriarchy.

Today Edit

Mayoress Zephrine Jorlene oversees the grain gatherers and bakers day to day, but what she really wants is adventure. During her downtime, Lady Zephrine retreats to the forge where she works on crafting and improving weapons and armor. Someday, Lady Zephrine wishes to test her smithing skills outside of the capital and prove that she is the best blacksmith there is.