House Sorli is a Clan of the Kingdom of Vornair. Situated in the county [TBD] in the Duchy of [TBD]. 

The Sorli have always been constrained to a relatively small geographical area. Considered part of the Norður Fólk, they reached their height in numbers during the time of the exile of Clan Forlatt. It was also during this event that they rose to prominence.

Prior to that point, it had been customary for them to serve as huscarls to the Thegn. But, when traditions began to shift, the Sorli found that the changes were going too far. It was when news reached them that a noble of prominence and his entire clan had been exiled for their ties to the Old Gods that they finally acted.

Øx Sorli, the patriarch of the clan, requested of his Thegn that he and his kin might take their leave to join the exiled Forlatt clan and join their household. With permission, they gathered supplies and left at once, making their way to join the Forlatt in exile.

It was at night, on the edge of the Fire Drake Forest, amidst a howling snow storm that our clan first met and paid homage to the Forlatt line, the forsaken defenders of the ancient faith.

In the following months, as the new settlement formed, the Sorli distinguished themselves with deeds of the kind they were most familiar; fending off attacks from vicious creatures and vengeful enemies alike, and training the inhabitants in the ways of war. Impressed by the skill shown by both the young and old, the Forlatts bestowed the title of

Forste, or "First", upon the clan, giving them the responsibility and command of her warriors for then and the generations to come.

To this day, through war, peace, and the unification, the Sorli line has stayed true to it's oath; keeping faith in the Gods of old and protecting Skyggen Holde from whatever dangers lie in store.

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