Clan Draikskorn is a Major Clan of The Kingdom of Vornair, currently governed by Thane Rahl Draikskorn. It is a vassal to Clan Bälen. The Draikskorn Clan governs the County of Fjalltindr from the Stronghold of [TBD] within the Grand Duchy of Erzhalden. The Clan colors are gray and green, its sigil is a black daemon centered on a gray and green per pale field.

Thane Thorlak Draikskorn, led the daemon hunters of Clan Draikskorn during The War of Many Banners answering Clan Rhyne's call. During The Siege of Archeon, Thorlak and his men fought under the command of Jarl Rayneeal Aritaur, alongside the warriors of Dranton Ironheart, and Spencer Blackstone. At the end of the conflict, the clans united behind Clan Rhyne and formed The Kingdom of Vornair.

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