Clan Cardan is a Great Clan of The Kingdom of Vornair. It is a vassal to Clan Rhyne. Duke Mythos Cardan manages the City of Swaggnar's Folly within Fehu. The House colors are black and blood red, its sigil is black raven, moon of Lethe and Blood red Fehu rune.

House Motto: "Blood and Fealty"

Jarl Mythos Cardan and his brother Arawn Cardan are the last surviving members of the Cardan line... Yes, dear listener, they of the seven brothers Cardan that met such a horrid fate.

Born to Swaggnar Cardan chief of a small Brudvir tribe and his lovely wife Mildred Cardan. Mythos was the first born and Arawn the youngest.

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